A Letter to The Smokers From a Concerned Sophomore

A Letter to The Smokers From a Concerned Sophomore
Photo Credit: Shanyah Bedgood

Dear smokers,

Did you know that smoking is bad for you? In more ways than one. Smoking is a bad habit that could lead to addiction, disease or even a combination of both. This “habit” will not only affect you but also the people around you: your family, friends, children, siblings and passersby. When It begins to affect the people around you(the public) be polite and just don’t. 

Deciding that you want to smoke is one thing, but deciding that you want to interfere with others who don’t smoke isn’t okay. If you want to smoke you could’ve just stayed at home and smoked there. Instead, you chose to stain my day with the smell of your cigarette smoke. 

Plus smoking isn’t good for your gums and teeth. You will lose teeth, either the ones I knock out or the ones that fall out. Having no teeth isn’t cute babes. You just look diseased. No one will want to date someone who looks like they have a disease. Not only will you have no teeth left you will have no play whatsoever.

I would understand if you were trying to stay away from others when you are smoking. However, to those who smoke wherever they please, I have a huge bone to pick with you guys. I don’t smoke, why do you choose to breathe your smoke in my face? It’s literally so rude and I hope you stub your toe really bad. 

P.S. If I have to smell you one more time, I’m gonna lose it.

Sincerely, Kierstyn Moseley

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