Dear Classmates: Keep the Bathrooms Clean
Photo Credit: Shanyah Bedgood

Dear Classmates: Keep the Bathrooms Clean

Dear Classmates,

The school bathrooms are terrible. There shouldn’t be a reason why it looks like a middle school bathroom. I think that elementary bathrooms are cleaner than the bathrooms here. Why is it that young adults can’t clean up after themselves or at least treat the high school bathroom like their own?

Why is it hard to do your business and move on with your day without destroying the bathroom and doing nasty things making it harder for the custodian? Imagine being a custodian and having to clean the things we see in our school bathrooms. We can do better. We are all old enough to have a job and drive a car, but we can’t clean up after ourselves in the bathroom. 

On another thought, why are people bringing food into a bathroom out of all the places to bring food? The amount of food I see in the sink and also random liquid in the sink makes me not even want to use the bathroom. How unsanitized is that?

If I were a custodian, I would quit the moment I opened a stall and saw an unflushed toilet.  if the toilet will not flush, you can at least cover it up. Leaving your business for somebody else to see is insane.

Remember, the trashing of bathrooms that came along with the TikTok challenge, devious licks? The trend may have died down, but students are still stealing hand sanitizer, soap dispensers and breaking the stall handles. This causes the school to be extra cautious about what is happening in the bathrooms. When schools have to do that, they can take away privileges in the bathroom that can ruin it for everybody else who genuinely uses the bathroom.

The bathroom is a perfect example of people who have home training and people who do not. The bathroom doesn’t have to be disgusting if people will do the things mentioned above. Other than that, you should treat the bathroom as your own. Nobody wants to walk into a dirty bathroom since we are old enough to take care of a public bathroom without someone holding our hands. 

Sincerely, Shanyah

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