One Love Tells Story of Bob Marley

Movie Teaches Lesson Of Peace, Love
The movie Bob Marley: One Love hit theaters in March.
The movie “Bob Marley: One Love” hit theaters in March.

The story of a Jamaican singer and songwriter, who organized peace throughout his community during a time of chaos, and who touched hearts all over the world with his message, had his life told by the newest film, “Bob Marley: One Love”. 

Produced by two of Bob’s kids as well as his wife, Rita, the movie entails the journey of the Jamaican war and how Bob uplifted his community to result in peace under the means of this war.  The message from this movie is almost overbearing, in a good way. You will not walk out of the theater the same as you walked in, and definitely will not have the same song playing over and over in your head… 

The movie begins in 1976, in the midst of a political conflict. Jamaican communities are scattered and frantic. Bob announces that he will be performing a concert, “Smile Jamaica” to promote peace against war. While Bob and The Wailers are preparing for the concert, gunmen come into his house and shoot Bob, Rita, Don (his manager) and Louis (a band assistant), injuring everyone but not killing them. The next night, everyone goes on to perform the peace concert anyways, where Bob infamously displays his wrapped up bullet wound. After this, Bob directs his wife to take the children and travel to the United States, where his mom lives in Delaware. During this time, Bob travels around the world searching for new opportunities to popularize the Rastafari movement. After Bob and Rita reunite in London, the production of his newest album inspiration “Exodus” goes into play. After a successful hit on the album, the Rastafari movement is pushed globally, so Bob and The Wailers travel across the world, further spreading their message and performing in many countries. 

 After learning that he has a rare skin cancer, Bob travels back to Jamaica where he performs the final “One Love” concert. After traveling the world spreading the Rastafari movement of peace, Bob unites both feuding Jamaican political figures, and the movie ends here.

Bob passed away at the young age of 36 due to his cancer. The influence Bob Marley and The Wailers had on the world from the push of the spiritual Reggae music genre showed millions of people what it means to truly put peace over violence. His efforts, despite being targeted and even shot, have and will continue to carry on in the music world forever, as they say, some voices just never die. 

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