Sophomore Learns The Danger of Driving

Spring Break Accident Leads to Ambulance Rider
Sophomore Morgan Turners car sits in the intersection after her accident.
Sophomore Morgan Turner’s car sits in the intersection after her accident.

Over spring break, I totaled my car. I had been driving for four months (with a license) when me and another driver collided on my way from practice to Bridge Street.

The whole thing started when I asked my mom if I could go get dinner with some teammates after practice at Bridge Street, a short 10-minute drive from practice.

My mother said no, and that was that, until I got to practice and my friends told me to ask again and beg to go, which of course I did. My mom reluctantly agreed for me to go, and I put the directions into my GPS.

I started my drive how I would start any other, sun roof down, music blasting and looking for my first turn. I was five minutes from my destination when I got to my turn that was an on-ramp to interstate 565. At this turn the other lane coming from the opposite direction had the option of turning onto the on-ramp as well.

Me and another woman turned at the same time (she said my fault, I said her fault, of course) and we collided. My car was completely totaled, airbags deployed, front hood turned almost completely up, all the bad things.

Immediately my head was in the airbag, my nose was bleeding, my car spun out and I couldn’t hear out of my left ear. I sat there for a second before realizing what had happened, then got my phone, and got out of the car.

My first instinct was to call my mom, but my phone started dialing 911 before I could do anything. I handed my phone to a man who had pulled over because I couldn’t form sentences and there was blood everywhere that I was trying to clean.

Within minutes a firetruck, ambulance and the police were there. I finally got my phone back and called my mom, who was already on the way because my phone sent her a message about my crash.

I got in the ambulance after answering some questions and headed to the hospital. I had no serious injuries, and I went home after an hour and a half. All in all the crash was a tragedy, but I’m okay.

My last message to any reader is to drive safe, read road signs and wear a seatbelt! Driving safe saves lives, whether human or car.

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