Senator Once Again Incites Negative Views

Sen. Tuberville Makes Odd Claims At March Appearance
Sen. Tommy Tuberville is known for comments that incite controversy.
Sen. Tommy Tuberville is known for comments that incite controversy.
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As American citizens, we have several rights that we abide by, the most important being the First Amendment which lists our freedoms of speech, press, assembly, petition and religion. Emphasizing the last right, religion, you would think that U.S. government officials, especially senators who are supposed to represent our states would understand that. According to U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville, that is not the case.

On March 15, Tuberville traveled to Utah to campaign for a Senate candidate and during his speech he said some odd things. With Tuberville being a Republican it is expected to hear a biased opinion about the state of the country, but he made it obvious that he does not think too fondly of Democrats.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Tuberville said that there was “not one Democrat that can tell you they stand up for God,” He continued to express his beliefs that America is losing its children to Satanic cults, Democrats have taken God out of everything the country is doing, they are trying to push their “cult” onto Americans and that they are trying to take God away from us.

A huge point of our First Amendment is to not only allow people to freely worship their own religions but also to respect them. Whether people are Christians, Muslims, Atheists or Satanists, it is not anyone’s job to judge that person and claim that a whole political party is starting a cult. 

Using Tuberville’s lack of logic, Democrats could argue that Republicans are also starting a cult because they are trying to force God into every campaign speech known to man but they have not because they know it is a stupid argument. Over 330 million people live in the U.S., of course they are not all going to believe in God or Christianity. 

The problem with Tuberville is not that he is a Republican or that he has defended Donald Trump in his multiple criminal cases but that he is afraid of change. Tuberville knows that America is developing as a country and that his perspective on how the country should work and be is not working anymore. As a society, we know that judging anyone based on their religion is just pointless and does nothing for us except make us a certified jerk, and that is what Tuberville is. 

Mr. Tuberville, you can be a God-fearing man but you cannot be a society-fearing one. You cannot blame a whole political party for the state of the country and you cannot act like a certified jerk when things are not going your way. Just remember, when you point at someone, only one finger is pointing at them. The other four point right back at you.



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