Crimson Crier Discusses the 2024 Presidential Election

Crimson Crier Discusses the 2024 Presidential Election
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Current Political Standings Allude to Trump Biden Rematch

With it now being 2024 the season for the presidential election is now in full swing. Both Republican and Democrat candidates are raising awareness of multiple issues as a part of their campaign. 

They hope to bring solutions to the country’s problems in hopes it will convince the American people that they are fit for the role of president. Even though there are many candidates to choose from a repeat of 2020 seems likely.

A potential rematch between President Biden and former President Trump seems possible. The two faced off in the 2020 election with Biden winning. This election was very important for the future of the country because it took place during the Covid-19 pandemic with each candidate having a different approach to it. The American people had mixed opinions about this election Just like the 2020 election the 2024 election is extremely important as the American people are desperate for change. The concerns surrounding the 2024 election is the increase in the cost of living and immigration, new wars starting around the world and what rights people should and shouldn’t have.

President Biden has had a controversial presidency with him having to deal with a lot throughout the country. Recent election polls are showing the country favoring Donald Trump to become the next president over current President Biden. A majority of the American people are unhappy with Biden’s policy on inflation and immigration.  

Trump isn’t doing any better as his campaign has faced some troubles within the election with three states banning him from the ballot. Despite him being a competent candidate, the other republican candidates are expressing how unconstitutional it is and are claiming that the democrats are not for democracy which is something they promise to bring back to the country if elected. 

Just like Biden, Trump also faced controversy during his presidency with his views on climate change and disbanding the U.S. from the Paris Accords. Climate change is a vital topic in the election with both Trump and Biden having opposite ways to approach it.

While some Americans believe either candidate are solid choice many other Americans want newer and younger candidates. Their point is that there shouldn’t be “old people” making changes for the country’s future that they won’t be alive to live to experience. But one thing all Americans can agree on is that the country needs change and the election is the best way to obtain it.

Student Discusses Trump’s Removal From Certain State Ballots
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Colorado and Maine have disqualified Trump from voting ballots and many other states are still pending their decision to remove him as well.

These states voted to disqualify Trump from the ballot based on an insurrection clause that is in the 14th Amendment. The use of this clause is based on the accusations that Trump was responsible for the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Many people believe that Trump’s return could potentially pose a threat to democracy, but removing him would also seem very anti-democratic to others. Some in these states are big supporters of Trump and the idea of not being able to vote for him could backfire rapidly against the state that chose to disqualify him.

In the past couple of days, Trump has asked the Supreme Court to overturn Colorado’s decision to disqualify him. According to CNN, Trump’s legal team is arguing that the “question of eligibility” for the presidency should be determined by Congress and not the states and that the Colorado Supreme Court erred when it ruled that insurrections occurred on Jan. 6, 2021, and that the former president “engaged” in insurrection.

The U.S. Supreme Court has the final say in whether or not Trump is getting disqualified from the 2024 elections. Seeing how he is being accused of a serious cause that violated the 14th Amendment, it would be ideal to disqualify him from the voting ballots.

Although removing him would be ideal, many people are huge supporters of Trump and most of them have flags or even stickers on their car saying “Trump 2024”. Most likely many of his supporters will cause chaos and be pushed to where they won’t make a vote. As the 2024 elections are upcoming in March the Supreme Court doesn’t have much time to make that big of a decision.

Even though he has many supporters, Trump would be the best candidate. Trump has been racially charged and made many misleading statements during his time in office. After him being arrested, he should have been automatically disqualified.

Crimson Crier Stresses The Importance of Voting for The Right Person
Crimson Crier Stresses The Importance of Voting for The Right Person

The election of 2024 is approaching which would decide the fate of the United States for the next four years. 

Of course, these types of elections always have a debate, mostly about what type of candidates to vote for president. For most Americans, if the candidates have the same political ideals as them, then they’ll vote for them.

All political parties in the United States want what’s best for our country but in their perspective. This often leads to conflict. The ideas for each party can be confusing, one might say they’re a Republican, others might say they’re a Democrat, some identify as a different political party, and some don’t even want to deal with political parties. It’s a mess and I don’t blame them. But what does it have to do with the election? As before, if the candidates have the same political ideals as the people then they’ll vote for them. Some people are more dedicated to a political party than the person.

It seems that no matter what a candidate does, their base will vote for them because of their political party affiliation. A good example of this is how former President Trump dealt with the COVID-19 epidemic. Of course, COVID is better than it was in 2020, but during the early stages, actions could have been taken to better prepare us to deal with it. Could it have changed a few things we may never know, but it is something to consider. Yet, Trump who offered up Clorox as a solution and often downplayed the epidemic, kept his base. 

All politicians in United States history have pros and cons. Some had good effects for the country and others had bad effects for the country. America has been through a lot over the years, so it is best to vote wisely. See a person for who they are and what they could do and not just the initial of an “R” and “D” beside their name. A candidate can be the smartest person but have a terrible personality or the nicest person but not as knowledgeable. 

As you prepare to vote in this election season think about the person and their personality. Because who you vote for just won’t affect you, but everyone.

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Candidates Drop Out as Election Date Nears
Candidates Drop Out as Election Date Nears

As the presidential race gets closer to the end many Republicans have dropped out of the running. The only people left are Niki Haley and former President Trump. 

Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, is essentially a textbook Republican–she doesn’t believe in things like abortion and expanding Medicaid. Although she has not dropped out of the race,  she will likely lose because the favorite candidate is Trump by a majority. 

They were not the only popular candidates, there were a lot of other significant contenders. Starting with Florida Gov. Ron Desantis. Initially, he was probably the biggest opposition to Trump. He is popular with the conservatives because of his ideals like Florida’s popular don’t say gay bill. But, as of late January Desantis has dropped out of the race and endorsed Trump.

Another Republican who has dropped out is Vivek Ramaswamy. Ramaswamy is on the younger side of the candidates. Similar to Trump he is a billionaire entrepreneur.  He ran on the principle that he was going to take Trump’s ideals even further. He also was almost fully funded by himself which made him even more appealing because he put his own money up. But after all the money he spent he decided to drop out of the race and endorse Trump because he thought the American people picked him.

Chris Christie had one of the strongest positions against Trump. He is the former president of New Jersey who also ran against Trump in 2016 but later became his ally after he lost to him. He called himself “ the viable Trump alternative”. After Christie dropped out of the race he decided not to endorse any of the other candidates 

Those are not all the candidates that are running or have run, but these are the ones who stood out to me. As this race comes to an end it is obvious that it will be Trump vs. Biden again for the 2024 elections Haley Stands no chance against Trump.

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