Melly Murphy and Enoch Godwin butt heads over various topics every Tuesday.
Melly Murphy and Enoch Godwin butt heads over various topics every Tuesday.
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Tackle Tuesday: Should the Military Budget Be Lowered

Melly: Lower

We as Americans pride ourselves highly on our military might and even in some cases is what defines the American identity. And while I understand having a well regulated militia that is both dependable and strong; there’s no point in wasting billions of dollars on something that 1 is already well funded, and 2 uses its funds for not always the right purposes. Overall the U.S. itself spends $732 billion on the military which is more than the next ten highest spending countries combined and drinks more alcohol than any other industry, on average spending 130 days of the year drinking. This along with over $14,000 of toilet seats being purchased just to be lost in a storage facility shows the unfortunate wasteful spending of our military. An easy solution to this problem could be to donate unused assets purchased from the military budget such as using the unused seats to build more restrooms in less funded areas of the country. Or the government could direct some of their unused funds to fund other important government sects all while keeping an extra portion of the funding in case of emergencies. This ensures the military is well funded and maintained while also ensuring little waste of their assets and the increase of other lesser funded ones.

Enoch: Maintain

Before we answer this question I must ask any American reading. Have you ever gone to bed afraid you might get blown up tonight by a foreign power? Your very likely answer is no. America spends more on the military than any other nation. Maintaining a proper fighting force is what kept the Soviets from invading Western Europe during the Cold War and now it prevents China from deploying its troops all over Eastern Asia. All of this money is being used in essential areas, maintaining equipment, paying the soldiers that fight your battles as well as arming them, research to make sure they are the American juggernaut their reputation claims they are. In short, military spending is necessary. Besides, the real biggest loss of money to the government is wasted money, taxpayer dollars thrown into the gutter through useless projects and loopholes. For example, researchers at Georgia Tech were given a grant of $118,971 to study rather Thanos could actually snap his fingers in the infinity gauntlet. It took a grant of money to find out that it was all Hollywood magic. Or when $1.3 million was granted to the largest snack provider to build a Greek yogurt factory with many more examples in the wait.

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