Crimson Crier Reviews Best Burgers in Huntsville

Reporters Morgan and Hannah review delicious burgers around Huntsville.
Reporters Morgan and Hannah review delicious burgers around Huntsville.
Photo Credit: Morgan Turner

When it comes to burgers, the Huntsville area has plenty of options. Options are one thing, but getting the best burger is another. We set out on a mission to deliver to you, our audience, the best burgers in the area. With many options to choose from, burgers are a popular pick for dinner. When picking our list we wanted to be considerate of price, location and yumminess. 

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar has a good mix of unique burgers with 237 burger variations. Bad Daddy’s has two locations in Northern Alabama. While being on the expensive side of our list, a burger, a side and a fountain drink generally comes out to $20. We tried the bacon cheeseburger on steroids, including jalapeno and applewood smoked bacon and a house sauce. Their rich, flavorful burgers are worth the money and time.

Johnny Gryll’s is our local pick of the group. A burger, side and drink comes out to around $13. We chose the bacon cheeseburger, which is fully customizable. We went light– just adding lettuce and tomato which allowed us to taste the flavor of the meat. Jonny Gryll’s is located between the Publix shopping center and Sparkman on Jeff Road.

Five Guy’s is a middle ground with many locations in Northern Alabama with a burger, fries, and drink coming out to $16. Five Guy’s offers larger portion sizes than other burger joints, and the burgers melt in your mouth. We picked the little bacon cheeseburger, which is also fully customizable. If your appetite is a little larger, you can order a regular-sized burger which comes with two patties.

With many burger joints to pick from, it’s important to invest your money and time into the best, and forget the rest. We hope we narrowed down your options to make your selection process easier. 

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