Melly Murphy and Enoch Godwin butt heads over various topics every Tuesday.
Melly Murphy and Enoch Godwin butt heads over various topics every Tuesday.
Photo Credit: Vee Lewis

Tackle Tuesday: Tea or Coffee?

Reporters Debate Over Whether Coffee or Tea is the Better Beverage
Leaf Water Melly:

Tea has existed for almost 5,000 years, and still triumphs as the drink of choice for multiple civilizations across the globe. 3,000,000 cups of tea are consumed every day and unlike its rival coffee, comes in multiple healthy and unique flavors to enjoy. The reason I prefer tea over coffee is because after I drink it I’m not left feeling shaky or jittery but instead calm and relaxed. Numerous studies have shown that not only is the flavor spectacular but so are the health benefits, with tea being known to boost immune systems, fight inflammation and even protect against heart disease and cancer. Whether a smooth English Breakfast or a fruity raspberry, a cup of tea will make your day better.

The Wake Up Enoch:

While tea is more of an accessory, coffee has more practical use. I and many others drink it regularly every morning to wake up faster to be able to function in those crucial first hours where you are not quite awake, but not quite asleep. Some drink it on their drive to work or school because otherwise, their judgment would be way less potent. I believe if all coffee grounds and beans disappeared then humanity would have an actual crisis on their hands due to the product allowing for “feelings of being awake” at least in a considerable portion of the population. Coffee can even give you a greater life span according to Harvard.

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