Sophomore Reviews Lastest Installation of Trolls Movie Series

Sophomore Reviews Lastest Installation of Trolls Movie Series
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Trolls Band Together is the third and newest installment in the Trolls movies series. The film follows Branch and Poppy as they go on an adventure to find Branch’s long-lost siblings and reunites them in order to save their brother Floyd from being destroyed by the pop icons, brother and sister duo, Velvet and Veneer. The movie starts off with the focus placed on the royal wedding of Prince Gristle Jr. and Bridget but soon shifts the focus onto the discovery of Branch’s brothers which unbeknownst to Poppy used to be in her favorite band Brozone. Branch and Poppy then join the oldest brother John Dory to find the other brothers. Once they reunite they can reach the perfect harmony and break Floyd out of his crystal cage.

 My favorite part of the movie was when Poppy meets her estranged sister Viva for the first time. This scene is my favorite because Poppy has longed for a sister her whole life. She never truly got one besides her best friend Bridget and now she finally gets what she has dreamed of.  This film is a fun filled, lighthearted comedy that all ages can enjoy. There are multiple ‘90s boy band references throughout the movie that are sure to bring feelings of nostalgia to the older crowd enjoying the movie. Multiple well known musicians and artists are featured as cast members such as Camila Cabello, Troye Sivan and Justin Timberlake. Even NSYNC joined the cast towards the end as the boy band Kismet.

I would recommend this movie for anyone wanting a funny, heartwarming musical full of laughs and giggles.

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