Everyone’s Favorite Is Mexican Food

Hops And Guac Hits The Spot When It Comes To Mexican Food
Campus 805s Hops and Guac serves up good Mexican food.
Campus 805’s Hops and Guac serves up good Mexican food.
Photo Credit: Samuel Hayes

Hops n Guac is a recently opened Tex-Mex restaurant in southern Huntsville, based in Campus 805 that offers a wide variety of authentic Mexican food and drinks. From burritos and bowls to tacos and desserts, Hops ‘n Guac uses quality ingredients and strong flavors in all of their food. 

One of my personal favorites on their menu is the birria tacos. These delightful little entrees are so flavorful you’ll crave them all the time. Slow cooked beef, immersed in a rich chile guajillo sauce and served with onions and cilantro on top. A cup of consommé comes on the side as well for dipping. Cheesy and savory, this dish is a winner every time.

Another cool feature from Hops ‘n Guac is there unique bar lineup. Once you pay for a wristband and the register, you can tap the wall the beer of your choice from their wall of beer spouts and it’ll go right to your tab. One of my favorite beverages they offer are their variations of Aqua Frescas. Daily they offer horchata and another flavor that changes per day.

To finish off a tasty meal at Hops ‘n Guac, for dessert I would definitely recommend their warm, sugary churros. Covered in cinnamon sugar and served with a side of homemade chocolate sauce, their churros are a fantastic way to quench your sweet tooth.

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