Student reviews Disney Pixar’s Elemental

Courtesy of Disney Pixar
Courtesy of Disney Pixar

“Elemental” is a cutesy feel-good movie that was released in June 2023. Since other movies overshadowed this movie, like “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” and “The Little Mermaid”, this movie came in fifth place at the domestic box office.

The movie starred  Mamoudou Athie, playing Wade and Leah Lewis, playing Ember. This movie consisted of Ember’s parents Bernie, played by Ronnie Del Carmen and Cinder, played by Shila Ommi, Bernie and Cinder immigrate from faraway FireLand to Element City in hopes of starting a new life for their soon to be born daughter, Ember. After getting rejected to rent out a place, they ended up finding an abandoned building they called home. They converted that building into a store called the FirePlace. Years later, Ember is dedicated to taking over her father’s place at the store and becoming the owner. As she had a hot temper, she would have outbursts if something went wrong,  she went into the basement to let it out and it burst the water piper and out came Wade. They became close friends and later in the movie, they fall in-love after saving the FireTown from getting flooded by a rip in the wall that held the water from the docks.

This feel-good love story is filled with soft moments that will make one want to cry and it’s filled with action packed scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat. I would recommend watching this movie with your family, it makes the perfect date night with your kids or anyone.

Seeing as this movie came in fifth place out of 39 spots in the domestic box office, this proves that this movie is as good or even better than a bunch of movies created this year.

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