Senior Runner Talks With The CC

Running a recent race, senior Sam Menikheim races to the finish line.
Running a recent race, senior Sam Menikheim races to the finish line.
Photo Credit: Scott Lowe

Crimson Crier: When did you fall in love with XC ?

Sam Menikheim: I started  running in 7th grade, but I didn’t start to like XC until my freshman year.

CC: Is there a specific goal you have for this season?

SM: The school record for the 5k has been there awhile and I’m only 40 seconds off.

CC: What are your plans for running at the next level?

SM: I’ve been looking at a couple schools. I’m really excited. I have two full rides, one from Jacksonville State and University Of South Alabama.

CC: What is your best mile time. How did it feel to reach that time?

SM: My best mile time is 5:0. I felt really good. I wanted to do a little better but it’s okay. 

CC: Have you set a school record?

SM: Yes, I hold four of the school records

CC: What  pushes you to the next level?

SM:  I don’t really have a specific reason, I just really enjoy it and I’ll go crazy if I don’t run. When I have to take a week of to let my legs rest I feel like what do I do with my life  

CC: Do you have a good luck charm?

SM: I did have a pair of socks but you know socks don’t last long.

CC: You run XC Indoor and Outdoor. What are you expecting from all three of these seasons? 

SM: Just get better you know. I’m going to sign during the XC season so I’m just going to have fun indoor and outdoor. I’m going to try things I’ve never tried before.


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