Senior Talks Soccer Career

Amiyah Baker Discusses Season, Reflects On Being State Champs
Senior Amiyah Baker directs traffic on the field during the teams game against Bob Jones. Bakers experience led to her being captain this season.
Senior Amiyah Baker directs traffic on the field during the team’s game against Bob Jones. Baker’s experience led to her being captain this season.
Photo Credit: Derek Breton

Crimson Crier: Tell me about your experience with Soccer.

Amiyah Baker: I have been playing soccer for Sparkman on varsity starting since my freshman year, I have always played defense. I orginally played in seventh grade for Monrovia Middle. I play for club NASC 04, 05 and 06. 

CC: Explain your role on the team.

AB: I started off playing outside back my freshman and sophomore year. Then I moved to center back and I found the perfect place for me.

CC: Explain playing soccer for Sparkman.

AB: Overall it’s a great experience, going from the least picked to winning a state championship, even making it to the play offs. Playing for Sparkman has shown me a lot about myself and the way we overcome adversity in the way we overcome challenges we didn’t expect to. So I feel like playing for Sparkman just made me a better person overall.

CC: How far have your grown since your freshman year?

AB: Personally I think I have changed a lot from being a freshman just getting out there not really knowing what I’m doing not even knowing what state is. Now being a senior where I can lead my team and lead by example. For people that are coming up I feel like I can pass it down to them. 

CC: Describe your practices.

AB: For practice I lead warm ups and stretches. We are really focused and shooting and finishing the goal, 1v1. So it is pretty intense when we are talking about finishing and scoring. Just trying to connecting as a team. Connection is really important when playing soccer.

CC: Are you playing in colleges where/why?

AB: I will be playing soccer in North West Mississippi. I received a full ride. I choose to play there because going in as a freshman I will have playing time. I am getting taken care of finanically, athletic trainers and I will have everything I need to be successful for my future. 

CC: What is your favorite part about soccer?

AB: My favorite part about soccer I have to two favorites, is competing, I like running and chasing people. I like to chase people and knock them down. My second favorite part is the connections I built. I met my best friend through soccer.

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