Super Bowl Preview

Super Bowl Preview

Staff Gets You Ready for Super Bowl 58
Season Sets Up 49ers To Win The Big Game
Season Sets Up 49ers To Win The Big Game

Every year when the National Football League (NFL) kicks off, all 32 teams are competing for a national title in the Super Bowl. This year, it will be a battle between the Brock Purdy led San Francisco 49ers and the Patrick Mahomes led Kansas City Chiefs. 

Against all odds and criticism from the media, 49ers quarterback, Purdy, has been able to use his weapons and his own skills effectively to help his team to the Super Bowl. Purdy was a top-five QB in passing yards, touchdown passes and had the highest QB rating during the regular season and has carried it into the post-season. He was able to use his sensational receiving corps with Deebo Samuel, Branden Aiyuk, George Kittle and Christan Mccaffery who account for 3,818 receiving yards. McCaffery is also statistically the best running back in the League. Their offensive line led by Trent Williams imposes their will on everyone in front of them.

However, the Mahomes led Chiefs are a force to be reckoned with. This is a back to back Super Bowl appearance for the Chiefs, so this stage is not new to them. Mahomes was a top 6 QB right behind Purdy in every category. The Chiefs’ offense consists of tight end Travis Kelce who has the most playoff receptions in NFL history, Rashee Rice who is a rookie but was second during the regular season in yards after catch, Isaiah Pacheco who is a physical runner and other role players.  

As well rounded as the 49ers offense is, their defense is just as good if not better. They are led by two hard-hitting linebackers, Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw who both have 100 plus tackles this season. The trench mob is led by Nick Bosa and Chase Young who have made it tough all year for a QB to be comfortable. The secondary led by Chavarius Ward, who is tied for fourth in interceptions this season, Talonoa Hufanga and others are all apart of the top eight defense in the league. Their backers can make tackles in space and cover, and as a whole they have the second lowest points scored on them. 

The Chiefs’ defense is not full of superstars as far as individual player statistics. However, they do have players that play hard and know how to do their job. During the regular season they were ranked second overall in yards allowed as a defensive group. All year their defense has come through when needed especially in the playoffs when facing the Baltimore Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Given all of the factors when it comes to players, coaching, experience and more, the 49ers should come out on top. Without doing a disservice to the Chiefs, who do have more experience on the biggest stage of anyone’s professional football career, are the ones who know what it takes to come out on top. The only thing the 49ers have to do is continue to do what has been working for them and use McCaffery and their offensive line to their advantage. Once the run game has been established they can then start throwing the ball through the air. Containing Mahomes from running on a broken play should be a priority because he can run and get those crucial first downs when needed. The secondary has to cover until the whistle blows which is a tough ask but what they need for success. 

If the 49ers can keep composure under pressure and not give in to the stunts and coaching of Andy Reid then they can be National Champions.

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The Game Is Really In Advertising
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The first Super Bowl commercial was aired in 1967 and cost around $37,500. Since then the Super Bowl advertising space has become the hottest and most expensive time slot in television. 


Typical Super Bowl commercials feature large companies such as Cheetos and Doritos and other food and beverage brands that are usually key foods during the big game. 


High expectations for these commercials bring excitement to the game, and for some people they are the best part of the game. As they became more and more popular as well as the price tag of advertising during this special event increased tremendously throughout the years. Today a 30 second spot cost $7 million. 


Every year roughly 70-80 ads are made for the Super Bowl. Advertisers usually save their most creative commercials for this precious spot. Oftentimes, companies use celebrities in these commercials. Think Betty White advertising Snickers. Over the years, these commercials have become iconic such as Budweiesers “Wild West” in 2011.


Of course, times change and with that, the once funny commercials are now not so much. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the earliest commercials aired during the Super Bowl have not aged well. “This flat tire needs a man,” the Goodyear Tire narrator declared in one spot that aired during that first national championship game between the established National Football League and the up-and-coming American Football League. In today’s time, that would not fly. 


Be aware of these new 2024 Super Bowl commercials, where one is Chris Pratt growing out a Super Mario mustache for pringles and Eric Andre trying to go through airport security with a bag full of DrumStick ice cream.

Down. Set. Bark.
Down. Set. Bark.

As the Super Bowl approaches football fans across the country are getting ready to enjoy the game and spend all day with their friends. For those who aren’t as interested in football but want to get in the same spirit as everyone else there’s a cuter, more kid friendly alternative. The Puppy Bowl is a sport themed segment that lasts about three hours. Teams of different puppies from shelters across the country run and play on a fake turf football field.


This year’s Puppy Bowl will be the 20th annual bowl. This adorable roster features Team Fluff and Team Ruff, consisting of 131 pups from shelters and rescue missions from all over the USA. Different cheerleaders take to the sidelines every year whether it’s piglets, goats, chickens or bunnies, they’re sure to make your heart melt even more than before. Every year before the big game a “tail” gate is held that features a few pups and other cuddly animals to pregame before all the action starts.


While the Puppy Bowl is recognized for the entertainment of those who aren’t inclined to spending hours of their time watching football, there is a deeper reason to the program. The Puppy Bowl is used to advocate for shelters and foster programs nationwide. Spreading awareness of rescue missions and how important adoption can be is the main reason for the puppy bowl. 


The puppy bowl can be viewed on Feb. 11 with the pregame show kicking off at 12 p.m CT and the regular program airing at 12 p.m CT. It can be streamed on cable or streaming services. For the cable options there is Animal Planet,  Discovery, TBS and truTV. For streaming options it can be viewed on Max and discovery plus.


If you are a fan of both puppies and football you can watch both on the same day. The puppy bowl airs hours before the super bowl so you can enjoy the animal filled show and then watch super bowl LVII right after. Every puppy in the big game is adoptable so make sure to watch and help these puppies find a forever home.

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Top 10 Foods To Eat While Watching The Big Game
Top 10 Foods To Eat While Watching The Big Game
  1. Buffalo Chicken Dip 

This is a Super Bowl essential food, it’s easy to make with simple ingredients and is versatile. You can eat this with chips, celery, or just a fork. 

  1. Wings 

Who doesn’t like wings? Wings fit for any occasion, but definitely a super bowl party. There are many different flavors and styles of wings, and most of everyone will enjoy a plate of wings with a good dip while watching the biggest, yearly rivalry of the NFL. 

  1. Pizza 

Not only can you homemake a delicious pizza, you can order pizza from your favorite restaurant and avoid cooking all together! 

  1. Burgers 

An American classic, a simple cheeseburger never fails to satisfy and is completely customizable. Personally, I put grilled onions, cheese, pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes on my burger. 

  1. Rotel 

Simple and easy, you can buy Rotel or make it your own. You only need 4 ingredients to accomplish the best, most loved dip at your superbowl watch party. 

  1. Chips & Dip

As a general category, chips and dip is always a staple. I usually find that salsa, guacamole, and tortilla chips are the best appetizer. 

  1. Layered Dips 

Also known as 7-layer dip, the recipe was most popular in Texas, but now people are putting their own spin on layered dips inspired by Tex-Mex cuisine. 

  1. Themed desserts 

Football shaped cookies, team cake pops, and colored dessert decorations are a great way to show team spirit and have a sweet treat for your sweet team!

  1. Chilli 

Cold season is here, and so is the Super Bowl! A hot bowl of chili on a cold day while cheering on your favorite team is the best. 

  1. Potato skins 

Bake and load some potato skins with your favorite toppings! Bacon, cheese, chives, sour cream… The list goes on.

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