Multiple teachers pose with Mrs. Johnston showing their support by wearing pink on Wednesdays.
Multiple teachers pose with Mrs. Johnston showing their support by wearing pink on Wednesdays.
Photo Credit: Blair Williams

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink… For a Cause

Due to English Teacher Ashly Johnston’s Cancer Diagnosis the Entire School is Encouraged to Wear Pink in Support

At the end of last year, English teacher Ashly Johnston was diagnosed with breast cancer. To show support as Johnston goes through treatment, a group of teachers has decided to designate Wednesday as “We Wear Pink”, recognized as the color for breast cancer awareness.

Students, teachers, and faculty alike wear some shade of pink in support of Johnston, and a more positive environment.

“A lot of people have been jumping on board and the support has been awesome. Students are wearing pink, faculty, administrators have been wearing pink so it’s really good, a supporting environment,” teacher Monica Hickman said.

Mrs. Johnston after being diagnosed was solitary and did not want to talk about it. Once surgery and chemotherapy had begun she went back to school, more vocal about it.

“I think that when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer last year I was really quiet about it, I didn’t tell many people I was uncomfortable sharing because I didn’t know what would happen I didn’t know what it would look like,”Johnston said ”And then over the summer I had surgery. It hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be so when I came to school, this fall when school started I was more vocal about it.”

“We Wear Pink” Wednesday has helped Johnston to cope with her treatment. She takes photos with people she sees wearing pink on Wednesdays and thinks the photos will help her and other people with their future cancer treatments. Many students have decided to clothe themselves in pink as well.

“It’s very exciting for me to take pictures with everybody on Wednesday. When I see them wearing pink I document that, so I love to go back and look at that and I’m also glad that in the future I can go back and look at it with other people who may be experiencing this,” Johnston said. “And I’m just happy that people are also vocal about it wearing pink showing support but also helping me get the message out there that we shouldn’t just think about breast cancer in October because it’s something that affects people all year long.”

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