Dr. Muhammads aides are busy at work creating slides for the annual Senior Awards Show.
Dr. Muhammad’s aides are busy at work creating slides for the annual Senior Awards Show.
Photo Credit: Payton Bennett

Senior Awards Banquet

Annual Recognition Ceremony To Be Held Next Week

As the school year comes to an end many major events are taking place. Seniors are prepping for graduation, final exams and graduation celebrations. But, before all that Sparkman will host its annual Senior Award Ceremony.

This ceremony is for all seniors to be celebrated by their parents, peers and school for all their accomplishments. During the ceremony, they will announce college commitments, scholarships, military assignments or any other future plans for seniors. 

It is extra meaningful to seniors because the program was put together by current seniors. 

“Seeing all the accolades that seniors have accomplished this year has pushed me and made me strive harder. Which made me respect senior awards day more because it shows that a lot of my classmates worked hard to get to this point,” senior Colton Cameron said. “ We recognize everything from military service, to National Honor Society, to first-generation college students. So, I think it’s a really beautiful concept that we acknowledge everybody.” 

The program is open to all graduating seniors and their families no matter what your future plans. The ceremony will take place on May 10 at 9 a.m. in the auditorium.

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