Yearbooks Arriving Soon

Staff Looks Forward To Distributing Yearbooks Next Week
Senior Maddie McClure reveals the cover to this years The Senator yearbook.
Senior Maddie McClure reveals the cover to this year’s The Senator yearbook.
Photo Credit: Kimberly Lewis

Summer break is almost here and with this yearbooks are soon to arrive.

This year’s book, with the theme of Little Do You Know, is expected to ship on May 4. The yearbook staff is currently working on the distribution process to get the books to those who purchased as soon as possible. 

“We love this book and look forward to the student body getting a look at it,” adviser Erin Coggins said. “We hope to get the book out the second week of May.”

This year’s staff was a mix of experienced students and new students. This mixture allowed for new ideas in both design and coverage.

“It is special because with everything that the new and old staff members brings to the book. We have new ideas that come to light and it makes the book newer and better than the previous years,” senior Maddie McClure said. 

McClure has spent her three years in high school on the yearbook and says she has enjoyed every moment. 

“ My favorite part about the yearbook is the way that as a class we come together and we decide ideas for the spreads that we create,” McClure said. “It helps the process go by faster and its just the better way of designing it.” 

If you did not order a book, there may be extras available. The cost will be $85. If extras are indeed available, it will be announced during daily announcements. 

“We do not order extras, but the plant always sends us overruns,” Coggins said. “If you want to be put on a waitlist, you can send me an email. They are first come, first serve.”

If anyone has any questions about yearbooks contact Coggins in room 149.

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