PRO: Dogs Are The Better Companion


By Chelsea Moore, Social Media Editor

Through life people want and need companionship, someone who you love that will love you back. Dogs do just that, whether big or small, dogs have a lot of love to give. A dog is a man’s best friend. 

Dogs or cats has been a debate between many people since the beginning. We all know dogs are superior. With a dog you can chill out or go out and have fun, cats just don’t. I mean think about all the dog movies in the world that prove dogs and man are made to be friends; A Dog’s Journey, Marley and Me, A Dog’s Purpose these all show that dogs are the ideal pet, friend and hero at times. Dogs just make sense in every way, to be honest what do cats even do? They just sit there and whine, then sometimes they want you to love them. Dogs have their moods and sometimes may be a little too energetic but they always keep you on your toes, bring liveliness and energy. 

Having a dog is even beneficial for your life, health and state of mind. Dogs help promote an active lifestyle which is important for physical health. Dogs, no matter what breed, are 70% of the time happy and upbeat creatures. That is why they are often used as emotional and physical support animals. Having an animal that can keep you happy and healthy will automatically increase your state of mind. Speaking of state of mind, it will also ease your mind to know that dogs are more susceptible to suggestion when it comes to training with someone they trust. Also, if a dog trusts you they will be more likely to protect and guard you from harm.

There is only one right side to this dogs and cats debate, dogs are better all day everyday. Cats are cute if you find laziness, sassiness and aggressiveness cute. Just imagine the smells you would have to deal with because of litter boxes opposed to dogs who use the bathroom outside. Don’t forget cats are aggressive animals and they would attack you and they love to scratch your furniture. Sure, dogs shed but you can easily vacuum that up and not have to get a whole new couch because of the damage. 

Dogs have many strengths for example the police force uses dogs to help solve crimes, find evidence or even find people. Because of their strong senses dogs have become great protectors. Dogs are so cool that even one of the best musical artists named himself SnoopDogg, what more do I need to say? Dogs are great in every way possible and they are the superior pet; dogs are loving, cost efficient and protective.