TOP 10: Languages to Learn

TOP 10: Languages to Learn

With online programs like Babble, people can learn how to speak a foreign language more easily these days. Here are the Top 10 languages we suggest learning. 


English is a common second language in some countries. Most countries want to learn English due to requirements, work, traveling out of the country, etc. Since it’s a popular language and complicated, many people would like to learn it.


Mandarin is the most spoken language. It’s important because if anyone decides to travel to China or stay there it would be easy to communicate, due to the fact that the majority of their language is Mandarin.


Spanish is the second most popular language in the world. It can be simple or difficult to learn depending on what dialect you learn. This language can help people adapt to learning other languages.


French is the language of love. Many people like to learn this language to impress others. French is easy to learn, but it will take time and effort.


Arabic is one of the most challenging languages to learn. Though it’s good for the brain, there are many sounds that are unusual to English native speakers. This is a challenging and interesting language. If people like to be challenged this language is for them.


Russian is one of the most difficult European languages to learn. It’s from a completely different language branch including Czech and Polish. But don’t let that intimidate you, Russian is far from impossible.


Portuguese is an easy language to learn for English, since both are evolved from Latin. Many words in Portuguese are similarly familiar. Portuguese is like the combination of Spanish and English. If you like these languages give this a shot.


The language of anime, Japanese, has inspired people to either learn the language or go to Japan. This is a fast paced language with a different form of grammar. It is also a fun language to learn.


Korea is known for K-pop, K-drama and good food, so many people want to learn the language to travel and live there. So, if you’re a fan of these things give it a try. 


It’s another romantic language. With the Italian language its one of the most fast spoken language. It’s a fun language to learn, plus the alphabet is only 21 letters, so it’s a little easier. 

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