Melly Murphy and Enoch Godwin butt heads over various topics every Tuesday.
Melly Murphy and Enoch Godwin butt heads over various topics every Tuesday.
Photo Credit: Vee Lewis

Are political parties a good thing or a bad thing?

Melly Anti-Parties:

Usually I would argue that when a group of people come together to achieve one goal it creates an environment that betters the collective as a whole, this is not the case for political parties. Political parties originally were established within America to create a sense of community and rally the people as a whole, unfortunately modern and past history has shown a very different image. One of the worst parts of political parties is that it creates a divide among the people with citizens defining themselves as democrat or republican instead of uniting under a common goal. The controversy can be the effect of one bad person but when their political beliefs are revealed it is usually aimed at everyone else by association who happen to share even the slightest of similarities. Another reason why political parties hurt society is creating an already popularized rivalry between Republicans and Democrats which has a habit of abandoning lesser-known parties or ideals since in certain circumstances people are more interested in the conflict between the two major parties instead of actually resolving issues. If America didn’t have political parties people would be free to express their opinions and not be associated as a collective but by what their true beliefs are with the people deciding whether their views are helpful or harmful.


Enoch Pro-parties:

I think people can ultimately agree that organization makes civilizations prosper. I enjoy arguing that the fact humans can speak allowed them to organize and dominate the planet as we know it today. Political parties are no more than people with similar ideas for how the government should operate, organizing to be more successful in the political landscape. Ever since Americans agreed on the Connecticut Compromise also known as the Great Compromise back in 1787 there have been two parties. These parties have dominated the political landscape above independents because they were organized just like humans compared to the other animals. Although the names have changed multiple times from Federalist and Democratic Republicans to Republican and Democrat the core values of these parties have remained relatively the same. Parties also make it easier for voters to keep track of general political standing. As explained earlier parties are people with similar ideas uniting to get what they want. If you find it hard to find information on someone’s political ideas you can at least find what party they support to understand more about their possible policies.

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