Madison’s New Walk Ons Does Not Disappoint

Besides A Great Place To Watch Sports, Walk Ons Offers A Vast Menu
Madisons New Walk Ons Does Not Disappoint
Photo Credit: Hannah Darreberry

Whether it’s the SEC and Superbowl craze, or the NBA finals, the South will always show up and show out for their team. As the city of Madison grows, a popular pick for families when sport season comes is going to a local sports bar and restaurant, and eating delicious food while screaming for their team on the big TV screens. That place is the newly opened Walk On’s.

Walk-Ons is a New Orleans originated sports theme restaurant, and a pretty good one at that. Walk-Ons has a unique mix of Louisiana classics and the American basics. From fried alligator, chicken and sausage gumbo to the basic wings and burgers, we, The Crimson Crier, are here to tell you if new and only north Alabama Walk-Ons location, is worth it. 

We ordered the chicken and sausage gumbo and waffle cheese fries as our appetizers. The gumbo was great with a blend of flavors that all complimented each other really well, and the waffle cheese fries, were delicious, coated in a layer of soft cheese, bacon and chives. For our main meal, we ordered the cajundilla with a side of onion rings, red beans and rice, and chicken alfredo. 

The cajundilla was loaded with cheese, sausage, grilled chicken, caramelized onions and boudin. It was filled with flavor and it came with house-made ranch that had just a small kick of spice. The cajundilla came out the kitchen hot and the warm. When we bit into the Cajundilla, we got  warm gooey cheese and perfectly cooked sausage. The onion rings that came on the side were smaller than traditional and tasted a bit different than usual, but when tied together with the restaurant’s house sauce were tasty. The portion size was larger than most. The red beans and rice came with a heaping amount of food and two huge sausage links, packed full of flavor, melting in the mouth with every bite. Lastly, we ordered beignets for dessert, which were small perfectly cooked bread squares coated in sweet powered sugar. Our total was $113 for all seven dishes. 

We all enjoyed our food and would recommend Walk Ons for families with different tastes. The many variations of food while keeping it unique and cultured was personally my favorite part, and made it really hard to decide just what to order. While being busy, our food was brought out quickly and we were provided amazing service. Our server came by every so often to check on us, clear used dishes and refill our drinks. Walk Ons is definitely, SHS Crimson Crier approved. 

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