Jeff Road Restaurant Proves Tasty Choice

Tastees menu offers a Tastees Club which can be purchased in a three, six or 12 inch size.
Tastee’s menu offers a Tastee’s Club which can be purchased in a three, six or 12 inch size.
Photo Credit: Morgan Turner

Tastee’s is a locally owned and operated sandwich shop on Jeff Road in front of Monrovia Elementary School. They offer subs, hot dogs, a breakfast variety, coffee and milkshakes.

Recently opened, Tastee’s already has a loyal customer base. Tastee’s is very friendly, provides service with a smile and has quick turnaround on orders.

They offer 11 all beef hot dog variations, and unlimited milkshake combinations, with the option to upgrade to a combo with a drink and chips on any food order. A six inch sub combo meal generally comes out to be $15.

Tastee’s offers 12 varieties of subs, with three inch, six inch and twelve inch options. We sampled the “Chicken Bacon Ranch” and the “Tastee Club”. The sandwiches were toasted and included a dill pickle spear. 

The “Chicken Bacon Ranch” sub has grilled chicken, provolon cheese, lettuce and tomato. The cheese was completely melted and gooey. The sauce was fantastic. Altogether the sub fit together very well. It is messy, but the messier the food, the better. 

The “Tastee Club” includes ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pepperjack cheese, Tastee aioli and mayonnaise. The sandwich was, in my opinion, delicious. A tip to keep in mind is to save your chips for after you eat your sub to have sub nachos with the remnants.

Tastee’s is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat with your friends and family. The warm, friendly environment meets you at the door and invites you in to guarantee a good time.

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