Senior Reviews Book That Covers Other Worlds

Senior Reviews Book That Covers Other Worlds
Photo Credit: Neal Elliott

“The Paradise War”, written by Stephen Lawhead, is a Celtic mythology and folklore that focuses on another world. It starts as one might think with a normal start on Earth.

Lewis is a Celtic history major from the U.S. studying in Great Britain for his bachelor’s. His dorm mate is a friend named Simon. Simon is extremely rich. He only attends college because his father wanted him to have a degree before he took over the family business. 

After an article talking about a mythical creature being spotted, Simon takes Lewis on an adventure to find it and mysteriously disappears at a cairn in Scotland.

Lewis soon follows him but he disappeared after receiving the help of a mysterious professor who had been exploring the same myths that Simon and Lewis had.

They travel to the other world, set in medieval Albion from English mythology, where there are warriors and battles. The other world is very different from Earth. They have a universal/dimensional connection because the fundamental elements of our world take their base from the other world, making both worlds depend on one another. 

Explored throughout the book is the relationship between the two worlds. While Earth is in modern times, the other world is not. This is due to Earth losing its magical touch. The other world has started bleeding into Earth, upsetting the balance between the worlds which is the main focus of the book and the two other books that make up the trilogy.

There is magic, other worlds, surprises and more in the “Paradise War.” If you like Percy Jackson books, then this book is a good choice.

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