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Top 10 Christmas Treats

December 16, 2022

Hot chocolate

Melted chocolate with fluffy marshmallows on top is the perfect treat for a snowy Christmas day. You can enjoy it while spending time with family and playing games.

Cookies and milk

The classic  and cookie that you leave on Christmas Eve before sants but you know you have a to sneak a few for yourself with hopes for a great gift the next morning

Peppermint mocha latte

 Everyone loves a great coffee in the morning and this one is great for Christmas with the holiday twist of the fresh peppermint

Popcorn drizzled with chocolate

Watching classic Christmas movies with your family and friends, grab some popcorn with a little chocolate drizzle to add to the fun. This is also a great decoration for your Christmas tree 

Little Debbie’s Christmas tree cakes

 Little Debbie always hits and with a special holiday twist of the tree it’s a festive quick snack to enjoy during this holiday season

Cinnamon Rolls

Tasty cinnamon with fluffy dough, it’s irresistible. Fresh out of the oven or even warmed up and topped off with icing it’s a great treat to have. 


Cheesecake is a sweet dessert that can be one or more layers, With a rich and creamy texture. Good for any holiday. 

Peppermint bark

This holiday treat is a combination of peppermint and chocolate bark. It gives you a somewhat spicy chocolate taste.

Gingerbread houses

Always fun to build a gingerbread house and decorate it with your siblings or your friends. Not the beast to eat but there are always good memories with making a gingerbread house. 


A Christmas classic created in England and enjoyed all over the world.

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