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Ten Things Every Student Athlete Should Follow

October 12, 2022

1. Do your school work

The first thing college coaches look at is your grades and how you behave in the classroom. If they see that you have good grades, that increases their interest in you. They do not want to have to deal with kids that can not balance their school and sports life.

2. Rehab

Things like ice baths and stretching can prevent injuries from causing a lot of pain. 

Taking care of your body is essential so you can focus during your day and your game. If you do not take care of your body and get enough rest and exercise, you increase your chances of being injured during or after the game, which is something  athletes do not want to experience.

3. Be a leader

Lead your peers and set an example. Showing your responsibility and teaching others to do better will greatly impact the way they think of you. It is important to be a leader since it shows not only that you can work well, but also that you can be someone the team looks up to.  It also proves to coaches how decadated you are.

4. Maintain your relationships

Have good relationships with coaches and teachers. College coaches will ask them various questions about you. Be respectful and kind to all adults maintain a good realtionahip with them. It is always good to be talked about in a positive way.

5. Learn from your mistakes

When you fail, learn from it. If something bad happens, make a better outcome of it, don’t just settle for that. You can make anything better if you want to.

6. Maintain shape

Staying in shape all year will benefit you through sports and daily life.By running simple sprints or easy exercises. This will keep your body running well and more durable for the season.

7. Reach out to coaches

Do not wait for coaches to contact you. Reach out to them when you get the opportunity. Not all colleges will come to you, it is your job to reach out to them for a bigger chance of success. 

8. Show character 

Be a kind someone who stands out from the crowd so that others remember you. First impressions are important since they tell a lot about who you are. Ensure that they have something to hold onto. Make your first impression memorable. You don’t want your first impression to give the wrong image of who you are, especially if the coach is showing interest in you or you want them to.

9. Manage your time

You have to give time to sports and daily life. Balance your sides to keep both at a high level. It cannot be all sports or all life it has to be a mixture. If the balance gets out of hand everything will be messed up.

10. Keep improving

Work hard in everything you do to get better at it. Never stop working. K

Keep it up at all times. In order to be the best, you have to put in the most work. Hard work always pays off.

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