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German Restaurant Still Thrives After Many Years of Business

October 12, 2022

Opening in 1972, Ol Heidelberg is one of the oldest restaurants in Huntsville. 

The authentic German food restaurant offers top their service and the staff, dressed in the popular German drendels, are always friendly.  The inside of the restaurant is covered in German style decor with original wood style tables, shelves and cabinets filled with German dishes and german knick knacks . The walls are also covered in german paintings. 

The music and warm colors such as green and brown make guests feel calmed and soothed, which helps create the feel as if the restaurant was actually set in Germany.

The menu offers an extremely wide variety of  popular German dishes, like schnitzel, Bratwurst,,  and veal. They also have fish dishes like potato flake crusted Tilapia  and Onion Crusted Grouper. Ol Heidelberg even offers a vegetarian menu as well offering other types of food like cheese, ravioli and a mushroom style schnitzel. 

I ordered Jager schnitzel which is basically a pork and gravy dish. The dish came with a choice of potatoes so I decided to go for the German potato salad. I also paid an upcharge for the cucumber salad. With a family of German descent who cook this dish regularly at home, I feel it compared to my grandmother’s version. The gravy was thick, had a good taste and the pork was tender. There is a reason it is a top-seller for the restaurant. 

But the best part is the dessert choices. When you enter Ol Heildberg you walk into the cafe before you actually enter the dining area. So when you walk in you get to see all of the cakes set out  in the display case, the cakes are not always the same so if you are looking for a dessert you have to ask what they are serving that day. Which makes the restaurant different because it’s not the same things everyday which makes the restaurant more interesting. Along with the slice of cake you order you have the option of also getting a cup of coffee along with the slice of your choosing. 

Ol Heildberg is closed on Mondays but it is always open on Tuesday through Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. But on the busier days of the week  they open at 10:00 a.m. and close at 9:30. If you want authentic German style food in a restaurant that feels like an authentic German restaurant then Ol heidelberg is the perfect choice for you. 

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