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TOP 10: Place to Visit Before Going to the HOCO Dance

September 1, 2022

Chick- Fil- A

Beyond the food, which gets high ratings from customers, many analysts point to Chick-fil-A’s exceptional service. The food tastes better and seems like it’s a higher quality. The order is going to be accurate. The staffers are courteous, upbeat and friendly. And even though there are three times more cars in the drive-through lines, there’s a very good chance you’ll get your meal faster than at the McDonald’s next door.


Delicious, fresh, Mediterranean food. This diet emphasizes whole, minimally-processed foods. It focuses on filling its followers’ plates with mostly plants, rather than red meat, and leans on a variety of flavors that enhance—instead of hurt—your health. You’ll be able to dance the night away without throwing up.


With its use of cumin, tamarind, pepper, and other powerful spicy ingredients ensuing taste combinations unlike anything found around the globe. There is a reason why Indian food is so tasty—it is the fewer numbers of overlapping flavors in ingredients that bring out a unique flavor.

The Camp

The Camp is near top golf and is a wonderful opportunity to take pictures. They have live music and string lights, causing euphoria throughout. They serve coffee and have food trucks every weekend.

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom comes by its psychedelic vibe. The first shop was opened in Atlanta, Georgia, by a couple college dudes, in 1974; through the mean, materialistic 80s and the wan heroin chic of the 90s, the business stuck to its gloriously trippy guns and prospered. They serve pizza, wings, and much more delicious things to eat before or after homecoming.


Melt Bar and Grilled was created in 2006 by owner/founder Matt Fish with the goal of providing gourmet comfort food based on his lifelong appreciation for the unassuming grilled cheese sandwich. “It’s simple, it’s good, it’s delicious,” he says.

Yolo Rolo

Before heading to the dance, grab a unique snack where liquid crème is transformed into rolls of delicious ice cream. You can add your own fresh fruit or candy to the mix. Nice selection of Asian foods, sandwiches, specialty coffees, smoothies, bubble tea, and the best rolled ice cream with real fruit choices. 

Big Spring Park

Big Spring Park is a beautiful, large park right downtown. There’s a lot of space and walking paths. It’s Well lit in the evening with several fountains to take pictures by. If you cross Church St in the NE corner you will come to the Source of Big Springs. This is the site of the first settlement by John Hunt. The Natives Americans already knew about this seemingly never ending source of fresh water.

Botanical Gardens

The 112-acre Huntsville Botanical Garden is open year-round and contains a diverse ecosystem of meadows, upland and bottomland forest, and wetlands, as well as a variety of specialty gardens and native plant collections. Perfect opportunity for Instagram pictures.

Lowe Mill -Dragon Forge Cafe

Do you feel like a princess in your dress? Dragon Forge Cafe does its best to give you a fantasy experience. All of the baristas dress up like fairytale characters and they have gourmet looking and tasting treats. There is also a live harp player, giving it a real castle effect.


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