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Women Of The Movement Teaches Younger Generations The Importance Of Black History

February 14, 2022

Though such an innocent life was lost, it sparked change in the whole community for the better,  and to this day, Emmett Louis Till’s story will never be forgotten. 

 He will always live on through history.

Those who are familiar with Till’s story of a young black American boy who was accused of offending a white woman in Mississippi of 1955, know that he suffered a terrible and horrifying death. 

This story shocked people around the nation, especially the African-American community. Even though people may not know Till personally, his death was still a tragedy and something that will never be forgivable or forgotten. Till was only 14 years old at the time of his death in August of 1955.

When Till was born, Doctors went from telling his mother he would be crippled, to telling her to place him into an institution. Till always had a few health complications. Nevertheless, his mother never gave up on him, from his first breath all the way up to his last; even through death, she always fought for her son no matter the circumstances. 

Women of The Movement is a series based around Till and his mother. The series tells what sparked the allegations, how cruel things were back in 1955 and how something so simple can be turned into life or death simply based on one’s skin color.

It is scary to think someone could be lynched and beaten because of their skin color. Being black alone made Till a target. Even if he was raised in a good household with morals and respect, he  would always be seen as dangerous.

Growing up, Every Black kid has had “The Talk”. There is a brief moment where Mamie Till tells her son that things are different in Mississippi than in Chicago. No matter what, to avoid bringing about any conflict or allegations, you look down, say yes ma’am or no ma’am and yes sir or no sir whenever addressing a white person.

This series reveals who Till was and his impact in the Civil Rights Movement.

The series displays how severely Till was beaten by the two men involved with his kidnapping. Till’s story is violent and producers do not hold back. They go into great detail of what Till’s body looked like at the time.

Till’s mother made sure that everyone saw the damage done to her son by having Tills wake in public and invited everyone around the nation to view the body of her son in the same state he arrived back in Chicago.

The more the series continues to show, the more in depth the story gets, the more everyone will get to understand how it felt for a mother and a community to suffer a loss no one could ever imagine.   

Emmett “BoBo” Louis Till. A good soul lost, but never forgotten. 

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