PRO: Mandated Vaccines Help Save Lives

As new COVID variants continue to emerge, eventually spreading into the U.S, the urge for people to get vaccinated and the development of booster shots have significantly increased. Because of the unvaccinated people, the spreading of these viruses rapidly grows in small communities which eventually spread into larger communities.

If the Supreme Court were to require vaccinations, it would not only help with the decrease of the spread of COVID and its numerous variants, but it would also ensure the safety of those around the country. 

Healthcare workers especially need to have required vaccinations in order to be able to serve others in the community. With hospitals being filled almost every day, an unvaccinated health care worker could possibly carry some kind of virus, mask, or no mask, from any patient that could test positive for the COVID virus.


Various variants such as Omicron, Delta and Florona have started spreading throughout the United States, causing several schools around the country to enforce the wearing of masks or facial coverings. If COVID vaccines were mandated, the spreading of these viruses would protect the safety of children in schools worldwide, especially in the states that are COVID hotspots such as Florida and New York. If people in these hotspots continue to be vaccinated with the requirement in order, COVID cases and deaths would significantly decrease.”

— Vee Lewis


The vaccines do not only help with the safety of family and friends, but they continue to help those in the community and around the world. When numerous people get vaccinated, it could save the lives of future generations. Children that are being born during the pandemic will always have the risk of catching COVID and have to worry and learn about what the virus is. If enough people were to be vaccinated, future children would be much safer.


COVID will always be around and there is nothing Americans can do about it, however, taking those precautions are crucial if Americans plan on being able to enjoy activities without having to worry as much about the risk of catching COVID, how safe their children will be at school and the general well-being of the country.


On Jan. 14, the Supreme Court made the ruling to block the Biden administration from enforcing vaccine requirements for large private businesses, but they allowed the mandate for medical facilities that take Medicare or Medicaid. The Supreme Court stated that to require the vaccinations of nearly 84 million Americans simply because they work for employers with more than 100 employees goes against the public’s rights and that OSHA does not have the power to regulate public health so broadly.


Though the Supreme Court allowed the mandate for medical facilities, this doesn’t help with those that work in those large private businesses. Yes, unvaccinated people are required to wear masks, but anybody can fake a vaccination. Submitting a negative COVID test weekly does not help with preventing the spread of the virus at all. If workers were to take the rapid COVID tests, there is the possibility of getting a false negative, risking the chance of having that person spreading the virus to multiple people in the business.


Supreme Court, health care workers should have been required to be vaccinated from the beginning, before working around sick people. It makes absolutely no sense to only require nurses and doctors to be vaccinated and not their patient.