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Before delivering toys to the Toys for Tots destination, members of the Junior Civitan club pose to show off their success.

Junior Civitan Sponsors Toy Drive

December 16, 2021

Having a heart to serve in any organization is something that the Junior Civitan Club believes is important. Sponsor Ashley Boddie has enjoyed her first year being with the club and helps them in brainstorming ideas to help the community.

This year the club is doing a drive at school for Toys for Tots, an organization that gives away toys to less fortunate families that cannot afford toys for Christmas. Club members are excited to share their drive for kids who are in our community.

“It’s a very good organization for students, it allows them to get involved with their community. It helps students to have a heart to serve as well as help their community out at the same time,” Boddie said. “It’s really awesome just seeing how the students take over the club and make it their own. They come up with the ideas and the planning and it’s really rewarding to see all the plans play out.”

The last day for the drive is Thursday Dec.16. After toys are donated they will be transferred to a nearby Toys for Tots resource center.

“Their job is to set up community service projects and to carry out those community service projects. And that is important because it allows them to give back and to actually make a difference in our local community,” Boddie said.

Junior Hannah Stovall is the president of the Junior Civitan and always meets with the other officers to plan for their community projects. Boddie sees how they are responsible in doing their job and working together.

“All of the officers are actually awesome. They come in and they take over. I give them a place to meet and I advise them. They pretty much do all the groundwork and they get the ideas and get it carried out. So everyone is really awesome,” Boddie said.

The Junior Civitan is hoping to also relieve the financial burden families have during the holidays. Stovall hopes the school can help bring that to those in need.

“Our plan for the toy drive is to donate to kids in need within our local community. We hope to help families by providing a little bit of joy through giving gifts to these children,” Stovall said.

— Hannah Stovall

The idea of the toy drive was started at a meeting when the club was trying to come up with a service project idea that could initiate during this Christmas season. Stovall remembers junior Isabella Blevins coming up with the idea of hosting a toy drive for a women’s and children’s shelter.

“Our goal in Junior Civitan is not only to bring some cheer to children’s lives through these gifts, but to also hopefully inspire each of these children to give back to those around them as well,” Stovall said. “One idea I have is to perhaps write an encouraging note to go with each toy we donate.”

Students can donate to this drive up to Christmas break. Stovall is encouraging students and staff to donate. The Junior Civitan believes they are ready to bring help wherever they see it is needed.

“We would love to see the school really become involved by bringing toys and spreading by bringing toys and spreading the word to others to give as well,” Stovall said. “While toys are definitely not the purpose for Christmas, we hope that through giving these gifts, each individual will feel loved by their community and find a much deeper connection to Christmas. This toy drive is just one way that we can display love, empathy, and compassion toward others.”

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