Saylor Cuzzort

Take Time for Local Fun Over Spring Break

  1. Feed the ducks at Big Spring Park, a perfect way to spend the day. Not only can you bring bread for the ducks, you can also feed very small pieces to the fish.
  2. Go to the beach, spend all day tanning, swimming, and relaxing under the sun.
  3. Have a picnic at the park with friends, a perfect and safe way to hang out with friends, you can all be together while maintaining a safe six feet distance.
  4. Go shopping at Bridgestreet or Parkway Place Mall, who doesn’t love shopping? And if you can’t make it in person you can do some online shopping!
  5. Spend time with your family and friends, this break is a perfect time to rest and catch up with family.
  6. Go to a lake, whether you swim, go on a boat, or even explore a creek, being outside is a great thing to do.
  7. Have a campout in the yard, pitch a tent and barbecue outside. Doing this will make a vacation at home, no need for any travel!
  8. Go to the Botanical Gardens, a safe and beautiful way to explore and admire nature.
  9. Have a movie marathon day, for a rainy or a chill day. Perfect to have snacks and something to do for the day.
  10. Get some ice cream or food with friends, just getting out of the house can be a good thing.  Being with friends for even a minute can make your whole day.

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