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Photo Credit: Saylor Cuzzort

Top 10: Best Places To Get A Burger

  1. Jack Brown’s Burger is number one on our list. They have a variety of special burgers to choose from such as Cobra Kai burger, Cowboy burger, Dr. Donzo Burger and more. These burgers put Jack Brown’s over everybody else.
  2. Peppered Pig comes at number two. With a star grade of 4.9 this restaurant hasn’t had any bad reviews. They have great sauces with big burgers that slap.
  3. Five Guys comes at number three for best burgers. They are known for many different things but also have a great burger. Most people love how well the cheese goes with it.
  4. Char Burger is at the number four spot for best burgers. They have a burger with delicious bacon. This burger alone brings in many people daily. 
  5. Farm burger is at our number five spot for best burgers. Farm burgers offers grassfed burgers and vegan options for all. Some of the most healthy burgers on the planet can be found here. 
  6. Freddys is a part of the top 10 as well. Their steakburgers are different from your average burger. With juicy meat and delicious add ons Freddys smashes the competition.
  7. Bad Daddys Burger is number seven for best burgers. People love to make there own choices when it comes to food. That’s why Bad Daddys excels past others with the “ create your own burger” choice.
  8. Johnny Gryll’s comes next for our top 10. Many people enjoy the juicyness of Johnny Gryll’s burgers. They have a variety of choices to choose from also.
  9. Wahlburger’s Huntsville comes at number nine for us. They have a famous “Impossible Burger” that comes with an exclusive Wahl sauce. This burger alone brings many customers every year.
  10. Way Back Burger is at our number 10 spot for best burgers. With an average grade of 4.1, these burgers come at the top. Way back burger is definitely one of the best places to sit down and have a burger, milkshake combo. 

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