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Top 10: Dangerous Bugs

Whether you love or hate bugs, there is always going to be one that hurts you. Ranging from venomous spiders to little ants. These are the top 10 bugs you should look out for in Alabama.

1.Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are hexagon-shaped insects that release a foul odor after being threatened or smushed. They do not bite nor carry diseases, but are a hassle to get rid of. For those who hate touching bugs, it could be scary removing the bug from your home.


 2: The Mosquito

The mosquito seems like a simple yet annoying pest, but they can cause more damage than you think. For those with eczema, or sensitive skin, itching a mosquito bite can cause a cycle of scratching, which leads to even more skin issues such as rashes, hives, and more. It also prolongs the healing process of your skin. Not only are they pests that bite, they can carry diseases and infect people.


3: Ticks

Ticks are a scary phenomenon that attack you and your furry friends. They are small bugs that look like black ink sacks with legs. These creepy creatures latch onto skin and feast upon blood. Their bodies can grow depending on the time they spend feasting. What’s important is that there is a specific removal process. In order to rid them from your body, you must take clean tweezers and grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible. Then, carefully pull upwards, with a steady and firm hold so that you remove the bug. Afterwards, dispose of the parasite by flushing it down the toilet or drowning it in alcohol. Lastly, clean your wound with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.


4: Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are less common as of now, but regardless, they are still harmful. Bed bugs are quick to become invasive and quick to bite you in your sleep. The most common places that are bitten are the ankles and feet. Similar to mosquitos, scratching the wounds would result in an excessive pattern of itching. Unknowingly to most people, bed bugs are actually not attracted to dirty places. They are attracted to well kept areas.


5: Cockroaches
Cockroaches can quickly become invasive inside of homes. They frighten the human population and consume flesh. They also are carriers of various diseases such as cholera and typhoid. Their bites aren’t harmful themselves, but the diseases they risk carrying are. They are easy to dispose of though, easily killed by anything that crushes or sprays them.


6: Brown Recluse Spider

These horrendous creatures are found usually in the outdoors, hiding in buckets. You will not have a problem avoiding them due to their intimidating features. They have long brown legs which support a tick-like body. Their bites are venomous and should never go untreated. In rare cases, the bites could result in necrosis.


7: Fire Ants

Fire ants are a no brainer on bugs to watch out for. With a bright red exterior, these critters are not hard to miss. Similar to the name, when a fire ant bites you, it feels like fire. The painful bumps caused by the bites take at least a week to heal. 


  1. Honey Bee

Not to be mistaken for the harmless Bumble Bee, Honey Bees tend to be much more aggressive. They are much more territorial and defensive in nature, giving bee’s their intimidating reputation. Honey Bees are sensitive and get aroused at certain scents, vibrations, and even dark colors. 


  1. Hornet

Agreeably, hornets are one of the most pesky insects of all time. They are similar to wasps, but are bigger. Their stings in rare cases are fatal to humans. They are pretty aggressive in nature and won’t hesitate to sting you if they feel threatened. 


  1. Wasp

Everyone can agree that wasps are the most annoying, scary, and dangerous insects of all time. Wasps are known for being very aggressive and will sting people for no reason. Wasp stings are super painful and leave a large red bump that will linger for days. They disturb innocent civilians who are doing normal outdoor activities such as playing ball, or even walking. Wasps then decide to get angry and sting the person they voluntarily flew in on.

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