Graphic by Saylor Cuzzort

Top 10 Rom Coms Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

To all the boys I’ve Loved Before:

A story about a hopeless romantic who is learning how to cope with her fantasies and distinguish reality vs imagination.

The Kissing Booth:

Two inseparable friends have one rule… no dating the brother. But what happens when the rule is broken?

Crazy Rich Asians:

A woman who travels with her boyfriend to meet his family only to find out they are among the richest.

Happily Ever After:

A woman’s journey of self-worth understanding that you are more than your appearance.

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser:

When Sierra realizes that her number was given out to her crush as a prank she decides to play along with the hopes of eventually revealing her true self with the help of an unlikely friend.

Reality High:

When the quiet girl becomes the center of attention she finds herself distinguishing the difference between the types of friends that she has.

On My Block:

High school drama with a shocking love triangle and plot twist. Will Ceaser become a product of his environment or will his friends be able to convince him to aspire for more.

Jane the Virgin:

A modern version of a telenovela circling the story of a young woman who finds herself pregnant.

Candy Jar:

Two high school seniors who are competing for a chance to become class president find themselves having to be cordial in order to go to the school of their dreams.

50 First Dates:

When a man discovers that his new love interest suffers from memory loss, he invents a new way to win her heart every day.


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