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Volleyball Senior Signs To Alabama A&M

Senior Kemora Coachman has been playing volleyball for most of her life and is now taking the next big step in her career, signing to D1 Alabama A&M University.

“I can’t imagine life without volleyball. I’m honored and it feels great to be able to have the chance to compete at a higher level.” Senior Coachman. 

Coachman is a middle hitter who plays a significant part on a team that she plays on. She has become a standout athlete in the high school arena, as she has been named an AAU National Star. High school’s job is to prepare you for college and the future whatever that looks like for you, for kemora high school did it’s job and was a great chapter in her life as she continues to go on and do great things in college not only as an athlete but also as a computer science major. 

“Academically, I feel that AP classes have prepared me for college courses. Athletically, playing for multiple coaches and with different teammates each season has prepared me for what’s to come.” Coachman said. 

As Coachman was on the search for a university to attend she had a lot of factors to consider but Alabama A&M University stood out to her with its location, the fact of being a Historically Black University, and the coach who was an olympic silver medalist. The recruitment process is different for everyone and for Kemora it was extensive but also an enjoyment as she steps into her future. 

“It was a long process, from researching schools within the different divisions; attending college visits and lots of phone calls and zoom meetings.” Coachman said, “As an African American, I feel blessed to be able to compete for an HBCU at the D1 level.”

Athletes who go on to play at a higher level often can’t handle the pressure or keep up with all the responsibility of being on their own and taking care of themselves. Coachman

plans to tackle every pressure head on, remain focused, and continue working hard in all aspects of her life. She wants to accomplish many things in her time at Alabama A&M, and she has every capability to do so. 

“Academically, I want to obtain my bachelors degree in computer science and athletically, help the team win the SWAC Championship and make it to the NCAA Tournament.” 

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