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Junior Talks Goalkeeping Responsibilities

Crimson Crier: Describe your position as a goalie on the team.

Audrey Edwards: “My position as the goalkeeper is to direct my team, position them, help and save everything as best as possible.”

CC: Tell me what it is like being the only varsity goalkeeper. Describe the pressure of being the last defense for the team. How does the team react when you stop a ball as well as miss a ball?

Edwards: “I am used to being the only keeper let alone varsity. All the pressure turns into adrenaline, knowing I can not be scared or nervous. The defense works hard enough to where I do not have to touch the ball, the team is very supportive when I stop or miss a ball because they know I put all my effort into trying.”

CC: Describe what it is like being captain of the team. What does your position entail?

Edwards: “Majority of the time when being a goalkeeper you are also the voice of the team and the captain. It is fortunate of me to have the teammates I have and think of every one of them as my sisters. My position is quite simple and complex at the same time. I have to be the listener to them and coach Tidmore and be the speaker and lead them.”

CC: How long have you been playing soccer? What got you into soccer? 

Edwards: “I have been playing soccer for about 13 years. My parents have always wanted me to play sports and be active and soccer is the sport that stuck with me.”

CC: Did you play any sports before soccer? If so, how did that play into your soccer skills?

Edwards: “Before soccer, I did dance, cheer and softball. I can still use some skills from those such as flexibility and confidence without being afraid of the ball.”

CC: When did you transition from the field to goalie? Who made that switch and why?

Edwards: “I was about nine years old when my coach put me out there and saw my success in the goalie area and kept me in that position.”

CC: How do you prepare for a game? How many hours do you put into practice a week? How does goalie practice differ?

Edwards: “Before a game, I drink a nutrition drink but no lunch. On the field, I will start with a 15 minute stretch with the team, then simple touches. Next, I work with my goalkeeper coach, the coach, or the players. I warm up my arms, then warm up my legs by diving. Then to top it off I practice rapid shots with me verse a player with seven and a half hours of training and practice.”

CC: Describe your diet.

Edwards: “During soccer season I try to eat small portions of healthy foods because eating greasy junk food is not gonna help or pay off to run at practice.”

CC: Describe your thoughts and feelings after a win and a loss.

Edwards: “Both a win and a loss I am thinking about what I could have done differently to fix my mistakes. I humble myself after a win and bring myself up after a loss.”

CC: How do you celebrate after a big win?

Edwards: “After a big win the celebration consists of the whole team, we go to dinner and get a day off practice.”

CC: Describe how you regain focus after getting scored on.

Edwards: “After being scored on I make sure it does not happen again and if there are mistakes in the field I address them.”

CC: Describe the teamwork and communication between you and the defense as well as the rest of the team.

Edwards: “The connection defense we have is quite strong, we can make plays without speaking sometimes. We are all talented because we try our best and have been playing for quite a long time with each other.”

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