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Preparing to release the ball, sophomore Jenna Webber looks to bowl a strike. Webber had a successful season, especially at the state championships.

Sophomore Named Top Bowler In The State

Crimson Crier: How did you feel to be the best bowler in the state?
Jenna Webber: “I was super surprised and took me a while to set in, now I am really happy and proud of myself.”
CC: What did it take to win the state championship this year?
Webber: “We have gotten a lot better at cheering and encouraging each other when things get tough, but the whole team is very talented.”
CC: What was your best bowl score this year?
Webber: “I bowled at the state championship with a score of 224.”
CC: What was your favorite match of the year and why?
Webber: “My favorite match was our last match before the championship, because the other team was super friendly and we had lots of fun.”
CC: What is your favorite part of being on the bowling team?
Webber: “Being able to spend time bowling and succeed with my friends.”
CC: Tell me about the most fun you have had with your team this year.
Webber: “I enjoyed coming up with new cheers, we made one for every bowler on the team for getting strikes and leaving splits.”
CC: Who do you credit with your success this year?
Webber: “Coach Ivey and the team for encouraging me and getting me out of my own head, and my parents for helping me get better at bowling.”
CC: How did you celebrate after being named?
Webber: “The team and I went out for dinner afterwards, I was so happy and could not stop smiling.”
CC: Since you are a sophomore and have already achieved top awards, what are your plans for next year?
Webber: “I plan and hope to improve more and help the team win state again, whether I get first place or not.”
CC: Describe what you do to calm your nerves when feeling nervous.
Webber: “I focus on the physical aspects of bowling, take deep breaths and cheer on my team to distract myself.”

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