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This is Coach Philips second year as the Volleyball coach

Volleyball Coach Has Hope For The New Season

Crimson Crier: What made you want to coach volleyball?

Coach Phillips: I love the fast pace of the game and encouraging young athletes.

CC: What is the toughest part of the season? How do you hope to prepare your team for this?

Coach Phillips: Dealing with any adversity that may come along. We get past those by controlling the controllables. 

CC: What new skills do you hope your team develops in order to have a better season?

Coach Phillips: Being mentally tough because we cannot stress about what we cannot control.

CC: Who do you believe is going to make the most difference on the team?

Coach Phillips: Just the whole team working together as a team. Everyone that is a part of the team.

CC: What expectations do you have for your players?

Coach Phillips: Be committed, give their best effort, and of course winning a blue map.

CC: In what ways do you expect this year to be different from last year?

Coach Phillips: We lost some really amazing seniors but our girls are stepping into those roles nicely.

CC: Do you believe that this team will be prepared for the challenges ahead? Why?

Coach Phillips: Yes, we talk about being mentally and physically tough all the time. We have worked all summer long to prepare for this season.

CC: What do you believe will be the players’ largest success this season? How does this make you excited?

Coach Phillips: Being the first team in program history to compete in the state tournament. We talk about it every day, we work towards that every single day. There are no words for how excited that makes me.

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