Scott Lowe

Winding her pitch, sophomore Ella Boyd prepares to strike out the batter.

Sophomore Pitcher Talks Softball

Crimson Crier: How has this season been for the team? Has it been more or less successful than last year?

Ella Boyd: So far the team has done really well, we’ve hit good and have had some awesome defensive plays. So far varsity and JV both have done very well. SpParkman softball is placed 8th in the state as of right now for 7A schools. 

Honestly I don’t know how successful we would’ve been last year. Covid hit at the beginning of the season, it was like as soon as we got on a roll, we got quarantined. 

CC: Would doing softball in college as a future career be something that you would want to pursue or is this just a high school pastime? 

Boyd: Yes, all the way. I go to college camps and with travel ball, we go to exposure tournaments so that we can get seen by college scouts. 

CC: Do you or the team have a routine that you always do before a game? 

Boyd: Oh yeah, while getting dressed we connect the speaker and listen to music. Then we get out on the field once we are done warming up, the infield has a dance that we do on base, then the outfield has their talk. Then we all get together with our “pinky partners” and we do our cheer. Once the game starts and we are hitting, we sing the SHS across our chest cheer.

CC: What is your favorite memory that you have from playing softball at the school?

Boyd: Probably pitching my first varsity game as a freshman.

CC: Do you have anything that you would want to tell new people wanting to join the softball team next year for JV or varsity?

Boyd: I would just tell new people for freshmen to be prepared for anything and that it’s a lot of fun!

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