Basketball Cheer Takes Spotlight

January 25, 2017


Shuttleman Photography

With two nationally ranked competition cheerleading teams it has unintentionally become a habit to overlook the basketball cheerleaders. Recently, due to new accomplishments and routines it has become nearly impossible for them to be left in the dark anymore.

Friday, Jan. 20, the basketball cheer team finally got the spotlight at the basketball pep rally. In preparation to get the team hyped up for Friday nights game against Bob Jones, the team performed chants, stunts and a routine.

“Our whole purpose is to support the basketball teams,” junior Lauryn Hall said. “Whether it’s at the games or at a pep rally our goal is to cheer them into a victory.”

The girls began to prepare for their performance the Tuesday before. They hosted after school practices to make sure they were ready for the opportunity that awaited them.

“During this week’s practice we focused on stunts and half times that way we wouldn’t looking boring,” Hall said. “We put in a lot of extra practice and effort to get ready for this.”

By the time Friday morning rolled around the girls took their places on the nine blue mats and took a deep breath ready to show everyone what they were missing out on. Their school spirit and dedication to the sport showed through their confident attitudes and upbeat routines. The atmosphere they set, got everyone off their feet.

“There is always room for improvement but overall I am proud of our performance,” senior Trinity Hammonds said. “It felt good to show the whole school what we have been working so hard on.”


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