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Science Column: Whiteholes Can Lead To Real World Teleportation

NASA astronomers now believe that they have spotted the first-ever white hole known to humans. The simplest way to look at a white hole is to first understand what a black hole is. A black hole is an inescapable void, that light itself, can not escape either. Everything in the presence of a black hole will be swallowed completely and practically erased from existence entirely, blackholes are instant death.

A white hole, in theory, is the complete opposite of a black hole. If a black hole sucks everything into it, then a black hole would be the thing that spits everything out of it. You can see the event horizon of a white hole as a point of no admission. Many theories suggest that a white hole is actually the aftermath of the death of a black hole. Because black holes leak energy throughout it existing, it theoretically, would even become so small and lose massive amounts of mass. With this the black hole would then begin to spit information or the things it had consumed over millions of years. The problem there is that the theory of general relativity states that nothing can escape from a black hole, however, quantum mechanics states that information is never destroyed. Making the two factions butt heads over things such as black holes. 

A more fun theory is that the existence of white holes confirm that wormholes are a real thing. Wormholes are just a tunnel that connects two separate points in space and time. Think of it like a tunnel under a city that allows cars or trains to pass through. Now taking the idea in quantum mechanics that no information is destroyed, we can look at a black hole more like an inescapable entrance and a white hole as a forceable exit. That would make black holes and white holes the entrance and exit of a wormhole, making wormholes naturally spawn throughout the universe. Scientists already know that there are black holes at the center of each galaxy, including our own milky way. So the question really becomes, if white holes exist, how are they created in the universe, do they always accompany the creation of a black hole, or are black hole creations completely separate from a white hole’s creation making the connection of a wormhole only when they both come to be. 

At the end of the day, we truly do not know if a white hole truly exists and the true implications of a white hole could really just spell out doom for our universe, but at the same time, it could be space exploration on a whole other level that allows us to truly understand the things around and traverse the universe.

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