Sophomore Wonders: Is it Too Early For Christmas?

Sophomore Wonders: Is it Too Early For Christmas?
Photo Credit: Christian Badger

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays and one of the most celebrated. Many people set up their Christmas trees and decorations months before the actual holiday, so the question is, is it too early for Christmas decorations?

Many people get in the Christmas spirit early and 25 % of people even do it before Halloween is over. According to a poll conducted by Axion, 55% put up their tree the day after Thanksgiving. Celebrating Christmas early can make it lose all its magic before the time actually comes.

According to The Slate Online, Christmas is so special and a great time of the year because it isn’t a year-round thing. It’s understandable that many people want that happiness and good will towards man as soon as possible. Many people decorate so the feeling of Christmas lasts longer than it actually does. Some celebrate early because it lets you relive memories and the carefree days of the magical season. Christmas seems to get less exciting towards adults every year so celebrating early can get them more excited and more involved with it.

Most businesses put out Christmas decorations and Christmas trees way before the skeletons and pumpkins of Halloween are taken off the shelves. And the Hallmark Channel starts showing Christmas movies on Nov. 1. This feeds people’s anticipation and gets them excited and want to buy more and more. 

Decorating early isn’t for everyone and some want to enjoy the holiday when it’s actually time. Many people out there give a bunch of criticism to others who do celebrate earlier. Decorating earlier isn’t so bad if you include other holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Although this can be bad because it takes attention away from other holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, it can be a good thing because it makes people happy and supports worldwide and local businesses. According to Becomingunbusy, celebrating the holidays early frees you and your family from societal rules of consumerism. Embracing the holidays earlier inspires more calendar time to celebrate thankfulness.

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