Senator Time: Do we really need it?

Sophomore Questions the Usefulness of Senator Time
Illustration by Avery Snider
Illustration by Avery Snider

Back in the 9th grade building, homeroom is a time for students to catch up on work and relax after being in several classes for a couple of hours. No matter what, every day we knew to go to the same homeroom all year. However, transitioning over to the high school building, we have been introduced to a similar concept, Senator Time. Though it’s similar in its format, Senator Time proves to be way more complicated than it should be.

 Last year homeroom one teacher was needed. You could catch up on work, and practice ACT on Albert. If you had to make up work for another teacher, the teacher could call you into their classroom to do just that. 

Senator Time is similar but different in many ways. In Senator Time you go to a different teacher every week. This can be confusing and embarrassing, having to ask your third period teacher what class to go to for Senator Time. Students still have to make up work for a teacher and it may be a different teacher who is not your Senator Time teacher making it harder to get help with that work. It’s even more confusing for upcoming sophomores. 

Being pulled by a teacher and not knowing can be confusing for the teachers. Sophomores have not been fully trained on RTI Scheduler and the first couple of weeks were confusing because of it. Half of the time students don’t check their emails. Even if they get into the hang of going to a different teacher every week, one week they can be stressed and forget making history repeat itself and having to ask teachers. Why is homeroom on our schedule if we don’t even have it?

Why couldn’t we have a homeroom? Why put it on our schedule if we don’t have it? Why make it more complicated than it has to be? All those questions could be answered and fixed if we thought out Senator Time and how it could be useful instead of dreading going to Senator Time and rather go to fourth block than Senator Time. 

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