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Gun Violence Is More Than A Policy Issue

Gun violence has quickly become one of the grisliest epidemics in recent years, especially among the youth in this country. Numerous individuals who often are not even old enough to vote are obtaining these weapons of destruction, callously slaughtering their fellow men despite the consequences. Schools and shopping centers have become overrun with these insane people in recent years.

According to the BBC, gun-related killings composed 79% of homicides in the U.S. in 2020, while in the same year, they composed only 4% of homicides in the U.K. This data, while not as comprehensive as needed to come to the proper conclusions, clearly points to the fact that tightening gun regulation has curbed violence in the U.K. 

Gun regulation certainly has an impact on the problem, although it is the opinion of this staff that the problem happens to be more institutional. The culture of the U.S. is ingrained with violence, particularly gun violence. In fact, it is only the Second Amendment to the Constitution, perhaps the most important document to the history of this country, that establishes a citizen’s right to own a firearm. It seems as though even if we continue to change the rules and regulations surrounding the ownership of guns, the problem may still be around. A majority of this country owns at least one gun, and numerous people who do own one consider it a part of their personality. According to CNN, the U.S. is the only country where guns outnumber people.

The issue of gun control is extremely divisive itself, and that is precisely the consequence of a gun centric culture within this country. A weight is given to arguments supporting less gun laws precisely because these values were espoused by this country’s founders, although there are plenty who would disagree with these. 

While this country’s founders do play a part in determining the culture surrounding guns, it is more so an issue with the reality that the media portrays. Every year, more and more movies and TV shows come out that portray those who own guns as valiant heroes, working to destroy those who go against their values. These bastions of U.S. culture are perhaps the biggest contributor to the gun violence epidemic, even if their participation is inadvertent. Movies like Dirty Harry, Rambo, and Die Hard are the perfect example of this effect. Men in this country are taught from their youth by the media that using a gun is a good act in itself. 

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