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New Semester, New Rules

Starting off this semester the administration changed Saturday school to detention. Assistant Principal, Jennifer Gray, announced this during the class meetings held in late January. 

“The reason we left Saturday school was because we had kids who couldn’t come because of lack of transportation, ” Gray said. “So, we changed it to detention so it would be easier on parents.” 

Students who receive four tardies, are assigned either morning or afternoon detention. Gray says this was determined by the Board of Education. 

“Last semester there was a different tardy system so this semester the administration adopted a new tardy system in order to keep students on track,” Gray said.  

Detention is supposed to be easier for both students and parents. Students who can not show up for detention can either email or call the school and the administration will sign the student up for a different day. Another benefit with morning and afternoon detention is students do not have to worry about getting transportation on Saturdays, if needed. 

“We’re hoping that this change will be easier for students so they can get here on time so we don’t have to assign APPs for the students that are missing,” Gray said. 

A new tardy system has also been implemented. The system, Transparency, sends an email to both students and parents when the student signs in for detention. 

Students assigned to detention spend an hour before school or after school where they are given an assignment to complete. Some students have an issue with this set-up.

“I feel like detention is fair punishment, detention doesn’t help kids learn a lesson it only serves as a way to take time away from a student who could be using their time to study instead of sitting in a room and doing nothing although some students are capable of doing their assignment of studying in silence that doesn’t mean every student can,” junior Delia Flanery said. 


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