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Junior Warns Dangers of Being Overly Trusting

Like siblings, if you spend time with your friends long enough you may happen to get into arguments from time to time. These arguments can vary from sharing food to different opinions about certain topics. Usually, friends apologize to each other after a while and go back to acting like things never happened. Unfortunately, that was not the case for a young woman in North Carolina.

Charlotte resident Shanquella Robinson’s body was found in a resort in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico within 24 hours of her and her friends arriving. After she was declared dead, her friends abruptly packed their bags along with Robinson’s and sent them to Robinson’s parents’ home, where they told her parents that Shanquella died while on the trip. Robinson’s friends claimed that she died from alcohol poisoning but the autopsy suggested otherwise.

In Robinson’s autopsy, it was determined that her cause of death was due to severe injuries to her spine and neck. Alcohol was found in her system, but not to the point where her cause of death could be considered an overdose.

When Robinson’s parents received the autopsy, it was clear that her friends’ stories were not adding up, resulting in them remaining silent about her death. Investigators have considered Robinson’s case a femicide, meaning murdering because an individual is a female.

Robinson’s “friends” did not even try to get her enough medical assistance to become stabilized. Instead, they refused to send her to the hospital because they claimed they could not afford the fees. Yet, they were all able to pitch in enough money to go outside of the country.

Robinson’s case is unfortunately one of the several examples of how you do not know the true intentions of a person until it is too late. 

As we make and break friendships, it is essential to be cautious around those you choose to spend your time with. Not everyone is trustworthy and those you tell your deepest and darkest secrets to may be the same people that expose you for them.

A true friend is not someone who refuses to seek medical help for you because they cannot afford it, a true friend will dedicate their time and their money into saving your life. 

Though there are situations less horrifying as Robinson’s, there are obvious red flags in people that can be easily noticed before you start getting closer to them.

For example, bad friends will make you feel worse about yourself. They will be overly competitive and not support you. They will also turn others against you and even be jealous of you.

If you see any of these signs in any of the friends you make, it is so important to recognize these issues and address them properly. If your friend gets defensive and does not listen to you, then it is time to let the relationship go.

One simple mistake in the friends you make or even the people you are around could change your life indefinitely, which is why evaluating your friendships and discussing how to make them healthier are not only essential to the friendship but possibly your own life.

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