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Studnet Explains Why Thanksgiving Matters Too

We all know what happens around the holiday season. November approaches and the year’s festivities begin. However, as you have noticed on every holiday commercial and at your local home decor stores, Christmas is at every corner. Every aisle, every advertisement, every sale every turn, nook and crany is Christmas spirit. 

Do not get me wrong, I love Christmas it is my favorite holiday. You are probably wondering why I am complaining. All the Christmas cheer that comes with cookies, presents, colorful trees, snow, caroling and everything in between. Well, let me tell you.

Let’s talk your local store. During the holiday season, stores everywhere begin to prepare for the holiday frenzy. As customers flood the holiday aisles and people wait in line in hope they can catch the next holiday sale there is one aisle in particular that is forever forgotten and neglected. You guessed it. Thanksgiving. All the hustle and bustle gives way for early Christmas deals, Santa has put Mr. Turkey in the oven of forgotten to be fried and roasted as Christmas gets an early and extended stay.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a problem. And it has to be fixed. If it is not we will forget what it means to be thankful and Christmas deals will take over our minds consuming us with thoughts of the latest 70% discount deals for that sweater or Christmas tree we wanted for our living room. It is a holiday crisis.

I could sit here and rant to you about the countless TV commercials of early Christmas deals, sentimental Christmas commercials as well as Black Friday, which is a total different topic for another day, and the list goes on. I cannot remember one single Thanksgiving commercial that has been on my TV since I was born. In fact, do you even recall the last Thanksgiving movie you watched,I think we all can recall the last one being “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”, which is probably the only iconic Thanksgiving movie known to mankind.

At the end of the day, there is one thing that needs to be said. It is something we should all listen to closely. One thing that America and the world has to remember. Be thankful.

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