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Photo Credit: Art By Jasmine Bezotte

Senior Looks Into Minds of Artists

One thing there is to notice about people who have the ability to create is their mind’s independence. They are able to see and think differently from the rest of the world and are able to imagine beyond laws of reasoning. 

People express their way of seeing things through countless avenues. They have the ability to stretch and explore the places in their mind to find inspiration and aspiration they use to put pencil to paper and brush to canvas.

A BBC News article revealed  that people who are artistic have a peculiar structure to their mind. Studies also showed that they have increased neural matter in areas that relate to fine motor movements and visual imagery.

The capacity it takes to have such a gift and how that gift grows the mind to immeasurable capabilities is an amazing ability. But art does not just exist inside the fields of drawings and paintings it also lives and breathes inside music, dance, theater and poetry. All of these are pieces of the puzzle that complete the depiction of art designed by extraordinary minds.

People who write and play music think of every note until it becomes a song that reaches ears. Dancers think of every step that flows with the rhythm of the music someone created. Writers and poets think of every word that tells a story until they all create an orchestra of art.

Every artist has a style, a rhythm and words they use to express their thoughts in a way they see life and envision the world around them. People who have the natural ability to create ventures to discover new possibilities and search until they find their strategy to share their gift with the world.

An artist has a natural approach to attract the attention of people. A world where busy schedules have caused our eyes to see only what is in front of us. Not to see things beyond the mental ceiling we have restricted ourselves under is all the more reason we need people who are artistically gifted to help us see life from a different point of view.

To be able to think and imagine even the smallest things of our world and paint on a canvas or write on paper or translate it into music is almost supernatural. The way they feel, see, hear, taste and smell are conducted by their gift.

This is not to say others are not gifted, but is simply to say that they will always stand out in our society. There are numerous gifts we all have that make our world what it is. But the artists of our society will always be one-of-a-kind.


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