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Student Reflects On Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

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Student Reflects On Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

Last week Feb 21, 2022 Russian President Vladamir Putin went through with his invasion of the sovereign country of Ukraine. This invasion came as no surprise to many other countries and especially not to the country of Ukraine.

Even though Putin has now officially invaded Ukraine this invasion has been botched. Putin and Russian forces have failed to gain control of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, and they have also failed at gaining air superiority. 

Earlier last week Biden and the White House implemented heavy sanctions on Russia. This became a coordinated economic attack by other NATO countries, and now the Russian economy has become a bleeding pig. These coordinated economic attacks have made Putin outraged, leading him to realize that his imperialistic plan to absorb Ukraine back into Russia will not be successful.  

This whole conflict with Ukraine has just shown how childish and tyrannical Putin can be. Putin before deciding to wage a terrible war against the sovereign nation of Ukraine was losing his support from the people of Russia and when you are a dictator of a nation with a crumbling lack of support you have to wage war. The unfortunate truth is war has been used as a way of rallying support for leaders. Hitler did it with Germany back in the late ‘30s and Putin is doing it now. 

Ukraine is a victim of this conflict. They are the victims of one man’s terrible vision to rebuild the Russian Empire that was the USSR. They are victims of not being able to defend themselves against a goliath. The state of Ukraine will get worse before they get better, but it will get better. Freedom from tyranny and control will always prevail in nonsensical conflict and tyranny. 

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